Saturday, February 07, 2004

Hey guys!

So, this is my first entry! I've heard of Blogs for a long time, but I never got one until my best friend Rachel showed me hers. So I finally got one and here I am! On a side note, about my title, yeah...I'm on a really big Peter Pan kick right now. Let's see Peter Pan is the first movie that I ever remember watching as a kid. I used to watch Mary Martin as Peter Pan several times every day. I remember pretending like I was Wendy and "flying" around the room. Those were good times. My both my mom and dad separately took me to see stage productions of Peter Pan, one of which I believe had Cathy Rigby. Then when Hook came out, well, yeah Peter Pan does not grow up, but you know, it was still a good movie. I have seen that movie a couple hundred times (and I'm seriously not exaggerating here). I still watch it occasionally, but don't ask me why. I know it by heart. So, the new Peter Pan movie has been released and I went to see back about a month ago. Then, my birthday rolled around on January 28 and my mom asked what movie I wanted to see for my birthday and of course, I chose Peter Pan. Now, go ahead and call me crazy, but I am going to see that movie again tomorrow. There is a line in every version of Peter Pan that you see in which Peter says "Oh, the cleverness of me" when he has just done something very smart, or just wants to take credit for doing something smart. So, title: Oh the Cleverness of Me. And as you will see, I am a pretty clever person myself!

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